Coming Through for Customers

Confirmation of the Value of Our Services

We consider it the highest possible tribute when someone is willing to offer testimonial statements in support of the services we provide. Here are a few candid statements from several longtime customers.


“The quality of the product is the main reason we work with Webco. They’re adept at manufacturing to print. Where, often times, we’ve had problems with other vendors matching our drawings, they’re very exact, and they meet our tolerances, which are usually very tight. In addition, Webco has all certified welders, and they stand behind their products. Overall, they’re a very good company to work with.”

VP/Operations & Procurement, Cooling Tower Industry


“Webco creates a variety of metal weldments for us… from complex assemblies weighing several hundred pounds to small fabrications… and they have for many years. It’s more than a long-term relationship; it’s a partnership. We share a lot of information, and we partner on design and manufacturability. That tells you a lot in itself… not many fabricators do what they do. Webco goes above and beyond.”

Supply Chain Manager, Industrial Crane Manufacturer


“Webco builds water pump base pads for us, plus a variety of special fabrications. They really excel in communications. If something comes up – and in this business, something always does – they’re very clear in communicating precise project status… when we’ll have our parts… and I would say, in 99% of the cases, they’re on time with the orders as requested. They also expedite for us when needed, and they’re quick on the fly with quotes, new fabrications, whatever. It’s why we consistently go to them.”

Buyer/Castings, Flow Technologies Business


“Webco makes booms for our cranes – from pedestal to stinger. We’ve worked with them for almost 6 years, and the relationship has been great. They’re always willing to go the extra mile. They help with engineering. When we’re in a tight spot or have trouble with lead times, they always come through. They’re a great company to work with and always bring good ideas to the table.”

Material Purchasing Manager, Heavy Duty/Industrial Truck Manufacturing

Outsource Partners, In-Sync Solutions

Few companies are as concerned or connected with the interests of their customers – many of whom have been loyal customers for years – because of the reliability and trusted relationships that Webco has built.

With a shared sense of commitment and energy demonstrated by our team, we have the pleasure of serving a very diverse group of customers in some of the most demanding industrial segments.

The following is a partial list of current customer categories:

  • Agriculture
  • Air Pollution Control
  • Aviation Ground Support
  • Construction
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Industrial Cooling
  • Industrial Trucking
  • Mining
  • Railroad Maintenance Equipment
  • Specialty Equipment
  • Structural Components
  • Wastewater Treatment