Baldrige Performance Excellence Program

“Webco Manufacturing is beginning our Baldrige journey because we are ready to take our company to the next level. We selected Baldrige because it is the next step above ISO 9000 certification and encompasses more than product quality. It is organization-wide excellence. As we strive to be the best medium-sized company in America, we have selected Baldrige as the map for our journey. The national award is a great achievement for any organization, but our primary goal is to improve our company.”

— Gary Rettman, Webco President

Webco is actively participating in the Baldrige Program, which is a prominent public-private partnership committed to performance excellence. The program provides organizational assessment tools and criteria; educates business leaders about best practices; and recognizes national role-model companies with the prestigious Presidential Award.

Webco is dedicated to continuous improvements through the employment of best practices, ethical principles, innovation, operational efficiency, quality consistency, greater competitiveness, and above all, the most positive customer experiences and satisfaction.

A panel of experts evaluates the progress of organizations involved in the program. Then feedback reports are issued to identify strengths and areas for improvement, which participants strive to achieve.

Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award recipients in seven different categories are chosen based on meeting or exceeding many demanding performance benchmarks.

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