Fundamental # 30 – Be vigilant about safety in everything you do


Safety and health are not just words, but a way of life.  Know and practice the safety procedures for your job.  Be concerned for the health and safety of your teammates as well.  Don’t take shortcuts.

This is the most important Fundamental of them all.  The health and safety of each and every employee at this company is our first priority.   We as a company have policies and work instructions to help ensure that jobs are being done safely, but to be best-in-class and ensure that no one is hurt, we must take this to the next level.   Every employee in the company has a responsibility to themselves and to their co-owners to hold each other accountable for safe work practices.

When you are preparing to start your day, take a second to review the work area and ensure that it is clean and organized and ensure that you have your proper PPE (safety glasses must have side shields and ear bud headphones are not ear plugs).  Good housekeeping is the first and most critical step to preventing work accidents.  Once you have ensured your area is safe, you can move on to your daily work.  With each new job be sure to verify that you have the tools and workspace to complete the job safely.  If you don’t, ask a lead or supervisor for assistance.  If it is hot, as it is now, ensure that you are staying properly hydrated.  Be vigilant throughout the day to ensure that you are working in the safest manner possible. 

In addition to being vigilant about your personal work safety, we must watch out for each other as well.  If you see someone without their PPE take a second to remind them.  If you see someone working in and unsafe manner stop and assist them in making their work safe.  When addressed by a fellow worker regarding safety concerns, remember that person is concerned for your safety.  Don’t be defensive or resist assistance.  There is no room in our company for dangerous egos or a lack of courtesy towards each other.  If we are watching each other, and ourselves we should never have accidents. 

I would like to touch on the most important aspect of safety again, housekeeping.   Keeping a clean workspace is important no matter the job.  If you are working with tools and cords, it is easy to see the potential for injuries if they become cluttered or disorganized.  However the same potential can exist in the office.  Keeping a messy workspace is also an indication of the level of work you are performing.  If you don’t have the energy to keep a clean workspace, you don’t stand a chance at doing a quality job.   

It is our responsibility to ourselves, our co-owners, and to our friends and families to return home everyday in the same state of health we arrived.  

Take care of yourself and each other!

– Scott Marshall