Fundamental #26 – Think and act like an owner


You are in fact, an owner of Webco. Be in the habit of asking yourself, “What should I do since this is our company? What should I do since this is our own money? Will this help our company to succeed?”

What does it mean to own something? It’s yours, right? You are responsible for its wellbeing. Whatever value that thing has, whether it be an asset or a debt, is yours. It reflects back onto you.

So how do you TALO (Think and Act Like an Owner) in a company like ours where ownership is split amongst over a hundred people? We can’t have 120 people walking around hiring and firing folks, writing checks, making schedules, buying equipment, issuing raises, calling customers, making dispositions, and ordering each other around. Point being, ownership is not job or position. Ownership is a state of mind. You have been given a job or position, and you have ownership of that. You are responsible for the output. Whether the output results in an asset to the company or a debt to the company, it is yours. We all have roles here. We all have responsibilities. But as a dynamic organization, we are constantly changing with the goal of improvement. Not everything is laid out for us. No one is giving us answers to problems or keys to improvement. These come from within. They come from us. Look at the positon you have here. Are you owning that position? Are you taking responsibility for that role?  To me, one of the best ways to TALO, is to own your position, role, area, job, whatever.  Take charge. Be responsible for the output. Do you have goals? If not, make some. If so, are you achieving them? If yes, then how can you raise the bar? If no, then what are you doing to change that? Don’t wait for something to happen or someone to do something. Take ownership. Make it yours.

 “You don’t work for Webco.  You literally ARE Webco.” – Lyndon Davis

– Ben Troja