Fundamental #22 – “Bring It” every day


While skill, talent, and knowledge are necessary for producing good results, passion is the energy that fuels truly extraordinary performance.  We may not always be perfect, but it should never be for lack of effort or total commitment.  Approach every task with energy, focus, and enthusiasm.  Be fully engaged.

“Bring it” or “Bring it on” is often a phrase used to accept a challenge from another person.  When you say “Bring it” you are accepting a  challenge and you are confident in your ability to win or be successful. The challenger doubts your abilities or effectiveness, and you say” bring it” as a sign that you can and will do everything in your ability to prove them wrong and win or get the job done.  Every day we face challenges, and we are forced to decide whether or not we want to accept the challenge.  Everyone has different challenges; challenging kids, family, job, getting to work on time, eating healthy….  These obstacles can be overcome, but you have to have passion.

Why is passion so important?    Passion is the fuel that drives us, Passion is what moves Webco forward.

  • Passion strengthens our focus
  • Passion empowers improvement and creativeness
  • Passion provides the drive to persevere to avoid taking shortcuts, or cutting corners and to achieve excellence
  • Passion creates energy among co-workers which allows work to be completed more quickly
  • Passion makes employees want to contribute, they have enthusiasm

Great employees are passionate about what they do.   They love the challenge of the position they have. They set high standards for themselves,  they are disciplined in areas such as punctuality, excellence in work output, work ethics and values.  They are self-motivated, are willing to help in other areas, they ask “why” before doing something and challenge processes to make Webco better.  They will do whatever it takes to make Webco successful.

As we discussed in our company meeting on Friday it is not the name on back of a jersey that counts, it is the one on the front.  We must work as a team and “bring it” every day to become world class.

– Whitney Fuller