Fundamental #16 – Be Process-Oriented


Fundamental #16 – Be Process Oriented – World-class organizations are built on a foundation of highly effective, repeatable processes. Look to create processes for every aspect of your work, and then turn those processes into habits to achieve consistent results.

How many NCP’s are due to not following processes? Ask Amy, and she can tell you that it is a good majority, plus she can provide numbers to support that. The processes that Webco has in place were written or created by people that are the best at what they do. We did not create these processes just to be placeholders in our quality manual . . . they were put there because they were proven out by years of experience. That’s not to say that there are not better ways to do things, but until proven otherwise, we have documented the best way to perform a process.

So, what if there is not an established process, or  you don’t agree with the process? Are you just stuck doing it that way forever? When faced with a problem, the process oriented person searches for the nearest relevant set of steps, policies, instructions, guidelines, rules or regulations. However, in the absence of a process or a challenge to the process, a process oriented person will create one or submit ideas for change. America was largely built on people following processes, but also people questioning processes. As an employee owner, it is your responsibility to follow processes set forth, but you are also responsible to change the ones that are weak or are not working. Instead of saying I won’t follow this process because I don’t agree with it, get with your supervisor and collaborate on a better way to do things.

A simple example – When I wake up every morning, I can tell you, within a few minutes, when I will be out the door. Why? I don’t want to be late for work. So, I created a process that I follow without fail. The process was created before I had children, so guess what . . . after I had children, that process changed and it continues to evolve. However, it also continues to help me achieve my goal of never being late.

I challenge everyone to review their processes, and make a commitment to follow them and/or make them better. YOU are the experts today, and YOU can help set us up for unparalleled success moving forward!

“Fall in Love with the process, and the results will come.” – Eric Thomas

– Matthew Whalen