Fundamental #15 – Celebrate Success


Fundamental #16 Celebrate Success – Catching people doing things right is more effective than catching then doing things wrong.  Build people up by giving them meaningful acknowledgment and appreciation, and by celebrating both individual and team successes.

Acknowledging others success starts with recognizing that successes have occurred.  Successes can be large and small.  It is easy to see the large successes and to recognize the person or team with which it is associated.  Celebrating smaller successes can be harder to recognize.  We are all very busy with our daily work and it can be hard at times to recognize a coworker is due praise and even when it is recognized, it can be tough to take the time to celebrate.  Take the time to recognize success when and where it occurs.  It is more meaningful and impactful at that time.

It can be hard to find success in challenging times.  Even in an epic there are small successes worthy of recognition.  The unexpected actions of a member of the team even in a losing effort may be praiseworthy.  In my career I have seen the difference that a culture of recognition and acknowledgement can make on the attitude of a team, especially in challenging times.  When we are more challenged in our daily work, recognition of success provides a boost.  It provides a moment to focus on the positive.  Celebrating success can break daily monotony and helps build positive momentum for the team.  If we pay attention and recognize each other’s efforts, we can help fuel the fire needed to succeed more often. 

The act of celebrating success is not enough by itself, it must be done with 100% sincerity.  People can see through a B.S. recognition.  This will most likely have the opposite impact on the person or team who deserve better.  Sincerity is a must, do it for real or don’t do it at all. 

“The deepest principle of human nature is the desire to be appreciated” – William James

“Strive to be worthy of recognition” – Abraham Lincoln

– Scott Marshall