Fundamental #2 – Make A+ your personal standard


Make A+ your own personal standard.  Take pride in the quality of everything you touch and everything you do, for excellence matters as a deeply personal value in and of itself, well beyond the business impact of that excellence.  Always ask yourself, “Is this my best work?”  Your work is a personal statement bearing your signature.  Sign in bold Ink.

To me A+ness is going beyond what is required of you to do.  The bare minimum is not enough; A+ness is taking the extra steps, going the extra mile, putting in the extra effort.  The way you do your job, the way you talk to others, the way you present yourself and present your work, the accuracy and quality of everything you do all play a role in defining you as a person.  Defining you as a person is not all about you.  A+ness involves everything, and to me this week I want to focus on helping others.  An “A player” would take the time to train the new hire properly or share their knowledge with other people so that they can make A+ their own personal standard.    We often keep our knowledge to ourselves and don’t allow others to learn which is hard for me to understand because I personally feel a great deal of joy when I am able to teach someone something.  It makes me feel good about myself and I feel like I have a purpose.  A+ people have passion and drive, they ask questions, seek knowledge, try to dig deeper, and they are constantly looking for better ways to do things.

We need to make A+ness our own personal standard in all areas of our life.  If you as parent or if your parents would have done just the bare minimum to get by what do you think your life would look like or your child’s life?  What if people did the bare minimum in all areas of life, what would our world look like? Would you want to go into surgery knowing that everyone involved in your surgery was only going to do the bare minimum or would you get on a plane where everyone who built the plane did the bare minimum?  Ask yourself, if your child, or your parents were to come shadow you at work would you be proud about the amount of work you put out each day and the quality of work you produced?

We have a brand new building that we should all be proud of and take pride in.  The new building is just one example of how we are making A+ness our own personal standard. We need to take pride, ownership and joy out of all the great parts we build.  Our reputation is that we build quality parts, how do you want others to think about you and your work?  Are you going to stand behind your work?

“If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing it right”.  Don’t just do it right, do it better than anyone else and make A+ness your own personal standard.

– Whitney Fuller